Sunday, 2 September 2012

A new look for an old scenic item ...

Sometimes its worth looking at your old scenic items and seeing if you can improve them. The old abbey/church I made up a couple of years ago doesn't get used much on the gaming table - main reason not really enough room to get figures in and around it. I crammed too much into a small area.
I removed all the items off the base and started again, with a more simple layout - church plus priests house; initial layout to check spacing etc.
Next I added some walls made from foam board and cardboard, with a bit of paving, followed by a thin overlay on the base of plastic wood ...
Here it is all done and ready for use ....


  1. yes.. i like much better with you got a few extra buildings for more terrain.. Woo Hoo!!

  2. Allan,

    That is a good re-work. And also leaves you with additional buildings to re-base as well, thus expanding your inventory.


  3. really inspiring ...I'm now digging through my stuff with an eye to do some refurbishing.

  4. Excellent work, but I am concerned that the beehives have the new abbot not partial to honey?

  5. The beehives have been retained for future use by the monks, who I understand have moved to a new monastery.

    -- Allan