Sunday, 15 April 2012

Camps and some ordnance

Having already done some work on items for camps for use with my 40mm figs, I've moved on to sort out the tents and bits I use for my 28mm figs. Firstly I made up some stacked muskets (from Front Rank) and a little camp fire & pot (1/43 S&D Models).
Next I setup 5 of my existing tents in a layout, with other accessories to get the spacing - tents to be stuck on the base with static grass added, with accessories to dress as required.
I have ten tents so made up two camp bases,  piccy of them below with relevant accessories, I'm able to use some of the pieces for 40mm as well so I get dual use ...
Also today I managed to pickup 5 cannon for £2 each at my local Toy&Train fair, so these are currently being inspected and tested by the Wittenberg ordnance depot.

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  1. Splendid camp you have made there and an excellent find re cannon.