Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Xmas Castaway ..

Arriving shortly before Xmas these items will help the 40mm project along a bit. I have quite a bit of casting to do - so I got a hotplate and additional ladle plus a couple of new moulds and some accessories from Prince August.

I have been ejected from the kitchen as a new carpet tiles have been laid and a the hob cooker is to be replaced soon - so no more accidental spills of metal on the floor,  no more using the kitchen sink or cooker allowed.

So the hotplate will enable me to setup to cast in the 'man cave' ...


  1. Please remember to have good ventilation . . . the fumes are NOT good for you.

    -- Jeff

  2. thnaks for the reminder Jeff, I'll opne a couple of windows for thru ventilation

    -- Allan

  3. That looks a lot of fun but I'm not sure it would be allowed in our house!


  4. I'm not allowed in the kitchen either, and it was only a small open tin of paint I dropped.

  5. I see you have some Prince August metal there, do you know of a cheaper source perchance? I hope to cast up some 54mm figures soon which uses a lot