Sunday, 18 September 2011

40mm: Bits and Bobs

I've been cleaning up a load of Prince August catsings this weekend, two battalions of infantry and a regiment of dragoons.The musket of a couple of the dragoon castings didn't quite come out right so I converted them to one holding a pistol and a farrier with his axe.

I stumbled across in one of web searches recently - nice website and good range of items (a tad expensive though), I bought a couple of samples. Shown below are two mounted officers and a drummer with some figs from other manufaturers for comparison [Prince August (PA), Creartec, Drabant, Sash & Sabre (S&S)]


  1. Hi

    I have also been cleaning up a unit of PA infantry. 12 figures in mixed poses and 2 officers to become a light infantry unit.

    I do not have the Dragoon mould but it cast a nice looking figure.


  2. Sensible (better than melting them back), useful and very well done conversions.

    Now, is it me or are these dragoons in beret Carlist War fashion?

  3. Nice job with the conversions, Tidders. I'd recommend cutting another air channel in the dragoon mold but it looks like most of them came out okay. With PA, accepting a certain level of rework seems to be part of the deal.

    Manske ? Very nice coverage of the 7YW types (at least for the Eastern theater). But to my eyes the figures look overpriced for what you get. Well, you never know for sure until they come under your own paint brushes.


  4. You're right - I need to add another air channel from the musket. I put one of the duff casting aside for conversion to standard bearer and forgot and converted a good one - hence the farrier

    -- Allan