Monday, 29 August 2011

What a super book ...

I've been working my way through ...
it is brilliant. super pictures and battle analysis/refight. I keep browsing through it and trying to scope out some sort of large battle - imagining my gaming table is dis-proportionately larger than it really is.

I've started setting out the next engagement in the Zomverre V Monrovia campaign ..
Von Messing commanding the Ducal forces watches
the Monrovians form their line of battle,
his troops position concealed by the hill.

Gosh I have got room for most of 18C collection to get on the table (just !), Ducal forces will move onto the table soon - more later ...


  1. Speaking as someone who was introduced to the hobby by Charles Grant Sr's "Battle: Practical Wargaming", what pleases me most about that book cover is the credit at the bottom... "with Charlie and Natasha Grant". Does this mean there's another generation of Grants ready to take up the family legacy?

  2. Great to see the fellows all out and arrayed on the table.