Saturday, 2 July 2011

Tidy time ..

A bit late for a spring clean (better late than never !), sparked off by a couple of acquisitions, firstly a 2'x3' whiteboard which has replaced an accumulation of post-it's spread around the gaming/modelling areas. Now I can see all the things I've got planned.
Secondly an anglepoise lamp with a desk clamp and an old grey ant-static mat (obtained from my workplace who were having a throw out - waste not want not). The desk and cutting mats I use had a thorough clean, its amazing how much gunge and dusty bits accumulate over a year+. I put the grey ant-static mat down as a workbench protector and put everything back; with the anglepoise clamped to the back shelf I have now got more room on the desk.
I've yet to put back the paints and work in progress, but its clean - at least for while :-). Next job is to tidy-up the sourrounding shelf.


  1. This is the sort of order and organisation I can only dream of. You don't fancy tackling my painting table next do you?

  2. The whiteboard in particular is impressive!


  3. Do you stick to what is on the board or do you tweak it as you go along?