Saturday, 5 March 2011

Cast away ..

No I'm not stuck on a desert island - just been busy today casting some more 40mm Prince August figures. I cast a few oddments up so that I now have enough for one battalion advancing and another battalion marching. The main effort today was to cast a regiment of dragoons; I'd already done some trial castings with the moulds and added in some airvents to improve the metal flow - I cast 16 more figures today to make the regiment -
These are the older Holger Eriksson moulds (no 12 Cavalry Man sword up for the officers and no 42 Cavalry Rifle up for the rankers) the dragoon horses have choice of front leg pose and alternate tail - they look a bit odd with three front legs at the moment. There's work to do to remove the flash and tidy the castings; I now have a nice big stash of 40mm figs to paint. .


  1. For shame. You have shamed me and I must begin casting more 40mm Prince August troops. I have been meaning to cast new troops and life has gotten in the way. I have looked at the mold you used and look to purchase it when I make my next order. Till then happy casting and painting. I shall try to cast some new figures and post them.

  2. The nice thing about casting up your own figures is that you can do what you want when you want it.

    Looking forward to seeing the regiment completed.