Saturday, 18 September 2010

One the Workbench and The Painting Queue

Some 40mm conversions are in progress, I am trying out some Sash & Sabre heads on some castings from Creartec moulds. I'm quite satisfied with the results, will be getting the moulds out soon to cast some more.
A list of items in the painting queue for 25/28mm, for Wittenberg:
  • Infantry Regiment in white coats with dark blue facings (nearly finished)
  • Battalion of converged grenadiers in white coats
  • Kuirassier Regiment
  • Jager Battalion (some figures still to buy for this)
  • Customs & Revenue men (nearly finished)
And for Monrovia
  • Kuirassier Regiment
  • Jager Battalion (nearly finished)
  • 'Wild Geese' Battalion


  1. Very sharp looking figure conversions you have there. Wish I could manage something similar, but I'm all thumbs in that department! :-(

    Best Regards,


  2. I'm not usually a homecast fan but these look pretty neat. Andy