Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Real World Intrudes and Dragoon Conversions

Clerks in the Kings Office relax after a busy week.

I've lost my painting mojo recently; main reason having been made redundant and looking for new work. I got a job offer a couple of weeks ago and in the last few days have been spent sorting out all the paperwork and forms for my new job, which is scheduled to start in a couple of weeks time. So I'm feeling much better now and can get more time and mental focus to apply to my hobby.

I took today off as holliday from my current job to relax and unwind. Just to get me back into things I decided to have a go at converting some Perry napoleonic french dismounted dragoons, using a two figure sample sprue. The idea was to check the feasibility of the mods with a view to applying the same conversion tweeks to mounted Perry dragoons/cuirassiers in the future.

I cleaned up the torsos and and trial fitted the arms and swords. Next I selected a couple of spare metal tricorne heads from my spares box. Conversion sequence was:
  • glue torso to base
  • add longer waistcoat to front
  • accentuate cuffs on arms
  • fix arms and fill gaps
  • fix swords
  • extend rear of coat to give longer tail/turnbacks
  • fix on head
Here is the first pass conversions on the two figures


  1. Not bad, not bad at all! You're having much better results than my feeble attempts at conversions.

    Good luck with your new job.

  2. WHat AJ said - your modelmaking and conversion skills leave me quite awed.

    And congrats on the new job, hope it goes well (and is more lucrative)

  3. They look good to me too . . . and I'll echo the good wishes for your new job.

    -- Jeff

  4. The conversions look good. Looing forward to seeing how they paint up.

    And more good wishes on the new job. At least you're not out of work long, eh?

  5. many thanks for your best wishes; I'm looking forward to my new job

    - Allan