Saturday, 17 April 2010

Third Belgravian Wars Campaign

As per my previous post I have now completed the first version of the 3rd Belgravian Wars.

This is available as a PDF.  Hope you will enjoy it

(Note: some pictures may not link properly to the blogspace for viewing in larger size, I think there is only a couple of these)

I have also added this as a link in the Associated Web pages.


  1. Very Impressive! A real landmark bit of self-publishing on imaginations. Congratulations to you on the achievement!

    I'm working though it at the moment, but it's great inspiration. You must have had such fun putting it all together!


  2. This is brilliant! I haven't read it all yet (or reread, since I've guess I've read most of it on your blog over the years). :)

  3. I do like the clean simple look - this is the sort of look I want for my "Great War of 1885"

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your ... book? A very interesting Little War, full of incident; well illustrated story. I enjoyed the closing vignettes as victory is celebrated in Wittenberg...

    From early on, I found myself flicking back and forth to the campaign maps, in order to follow the unfolding story. Great! The sort of thing I want to do...