Friday, 11 December 2009

Gaming Room changes (1) - Modelling Desk movements

The first step in re-arranging the extension to hold my modelling desk and wargames table is done. The modelling desk has been turned to face the window and the shelving on the right of the desk has been finished.

Hopefully this weekend I can get the shelving and storage on the left hand side of the desk done. Then it's sorting out the office - got my wireless router to setup first, then I can swap the office area with the gaming room (which is currently upstairs). I expect I'll end up finishing off over the Xmas break.

(note: Title of post changed 19-Dec)


  1. It looks like a good arrangement, with plenty of natural light on the work area. I rearranged our spare room/den/studio and put my work desk on the other side of the room where the light is best. It makes all the difference to painting figures and general modeling.

  2. Hi there Allan,

    The new set up looks great. I envy your window!

    Best Regards,


  3. The view through the window is not great but better than nothing. The window in front of me and one on the left of the desk should provide plenty of natural light for working by.

    I finished the rest of shelves off today; probably post pictures of the room when finished.

    -- Allan