Saturday, 26 December 2009

Gaming Room changes (3) - ready for action

The whole idea to swap over the wargame room and the office area in the extension was my partner's - she thought I'd be better off with a dedicated 'hobby' room; and the office in it's own room (which is a bit cosier in the winter).
After much huffing and puffing; trips upstairs and downstairs - the room swapover was completed on Tuesday evening; with quite a bit of tidying  up on Xmas Eve. I'm writing this post in the new office room (much to my surprise setting up the wrieless network was dead easy).
But what about the new facilities, so here is a updated picture of the modelling desk area ..

Extra shelf at the back and book case on the left. The filing cabinet is used to store buildings and scenery for the wargames table - yes and here is the gaming table area ...

A few figs on the table ready for a small solo game I'm going to fight over the next few days.

So with everything in one room I'm well pleased !!


  1. It looks like a sweet arrangement. I'm amazed that your game table is as narrow as it is . . . because your photos always give the impression of lots of space. I also like your "back boards" they do help the dioramas.

    Congratulations on your new "gaming digs".

    -- Jeff

  2. Santa was very good to you. All of Beerstein wishes you even better gaming in the new digs...

  3. Amazingly neat and well-organised, and quite precisely put together. I'm especially impressed by the gaming table - how do you attach those backboards to the table? Thats an idea I'd love to copy (with suitable mention of the originator of course)

  4. Very tidy and efficiently used space. Thanks for the ideas.

    Did you build or buy your display cabinets?


  5. Sorry being slow to respond to your queries ...

    Backscene boards are attached by by screws into the framework of the table - I really ought to make it so I can change them more easily.

    The display cabinets were purchased - the two on the left are from Argos UK (see for details) and the one on the end wall is from a supplier who is no longer trading.

    -- Allan