Monday, 30 November 2009

Sidetracked ...

Things are a bit slow on the painting/modelling front at the moment, the main reason is the movement of my G scale railroad 'all-weather' layout into the garage. This is however the first part of a small shuffle in the house, the end result of which will be to get the wargames table in the same room as my modelling desk - definitely worth all the hassle.

For my 18C painting, I'm going to try and stick to the following order:
1. The remaining 40mm units for the southern Saxe-Jarlsberg border wars (2btns infantry and 1 sqdn cavalry)
2. 25/28m units for Monrovia's allies (2btns infantry and 1 regiment cavalry).
3. Then think about what to else add to the 25/28mm armies of Wittenberg/Monrovia.


  1. G scale? How big is that, say in comparison with O Gauge? (Toy train lover!)

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  3. "sidetracked" hee hee

    I'm working on some of my remaining unpainted minis and looking at what to order next (tempted to get a few Colonials... lol).

  4. G Scale (1:22.5) is about twice the size of O Gauge. Some piccies of my Garden Railway stuff is on

    My favourite toys when I was a boy were soldiers and trains - so I'm still enjoying my childhood !

    -- Allan

  5. I know the appeal of a model train set all too well. My wife and I were browsing in a charity store she's connected with a few weeks back and I picked up a decent HO set for $12. It has a locomotive, caboose & three wagons, several feet of track, and a small transformer. Bargain!