Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Kingdom of Wittenberg is 3 years old

The Kingdom of Wittenberg started 3 years ago. Wow I didn't think I would still be posting so often after 3 years - it just seems I keep finding more interesting things to model, paint etc. I hope you've all enjoyed it so far.

I've enjoyed keeping up to date with developments on all the other 18c blogs. Have great fun with your imagi-nations.

-- Allan
(aka King Leopold IV).


  1. Congratulations, Allan. I continue to enjoy the wonderfully staged scenes you post as well as your battle accounts.

    -- Jeff

  2. Congratulations and many more from your ardent admirer, Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein!!!!

  3. Happy anniversary! Long may Wittenberg wave!
    I continue to derive a lot of enjoyment and inspiration from your pictures and reports!
    Many thanks!

  4. Good job!
    The pics are fine and nice, the story behind evolves in an interesting way... and the llama rules!
    Thx! :)