Saturday, 9 May 2009

Some Essential DIY

My partner suggested that my old display shelves were looking a bit tatty and that it would be nice to have some newer ones - so I doubled my display/storage capacity with two new wall cabinets [UK Argos Deco 4 Shelf Display Cabinet -] .

The cabinets have nice sliding glass doors (which are also removable). The shelves are a little bit slim and may dip in the middle - but if that happens I can always add some stiffeners.

I've been told I'm not allowed to use the shelf above the radiator for storage (?) , but I am allowed to display a couple of items.


  1. Nice looking storage units but are you sure they're straight?


  2. I'd guess the difference between display and storage above the radiator is that they have to be (near?) finished figures in the cabinets and not boxes or bags etc. of unfinished figures.

  3. I think you just solved my storage space problems :)

  4. Not straight ? Well the picture is taken on a slant, but closer inspection reveals some slight distortion and skew-wiffness - all down to me when I assembled them.

    Generally I'm pleased with them and I'm looking forward to filling them up.

    Oh, and the shelf above the radiator seems to be acquiring a few display items = oops !

    -- Allan

  5. Very nice, I think a picture of my gaming storage space would be funny in the light of those fine shelves of yours! I've got "tatty" squared and cubed...!