Friday, 10 April 2009

Frustration !

I hate being ill ! I have acquired a urinary infection - not pleasant; I'm on anti-biotics and feeling cruddy. The modelling desk is off limits while I rest and snooze and try and shake it off.

I was cheered up yesterday by the arrival of an order from Reiver Castings. I indulged in some items from the 'artillery-and-park'; it was pleasure to unpack the parcel, but now I am frustrated as the lovely stuff: 2 guns+limbers, 1 pontoon wagon, 2 mortars, and 2 baggage wagons are sitting on my modelling desk waiting for assembly and painting. I also bought the poonton bridge set; today I put it together for a trial assembly - here 'tis

Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy - it matches how I feel.

If you want to see some of the goodies available have a look at

Time for a little snooze.


  1. I hope that you recover soon. I know how lousy some anti-biotics can make you feel. I've had some that really mess with the digestive system.

    When you can, do remember to eat some "active" yogurt to get the good stuff back into your system.

    And, above all, GET WELL SOON!

    -- Jeff

  2. Absolutely, get well soon. Best regards, Bill

  3. Been there, done that ...
    Take the meds and drink lots of cranberry juice ... (yuck)
    Please get better soon.
    It's a pleasure for me to look at the work of folks like you who can put some real artistry into their work!

  4. all the best sooner than later!


  5. thanks for your best wishes, and advice

    cranberry juice isn't that bad ?

    -- ALlan

  6. Yes, anti-biotics can really kill off the good stomach "flora". As Jeff says, something like "active" or live yoghurt will help get things back to normal when you finish your course of a-bs.

    Hope you get well soon - we need more vignettes! :-)