Saturday, 29 November 2008

Uhlans and Bosniaks

A quick comparison of Uhlan/Bosniak Figs available in 25/28mm (the ones I know of). Hope the info provided is useful.

Have some Front Rank Bosniaks, which look more like Uhlans ( in picture below on the left) and Irregular Miniatures Uhlans (in picture below on the right)
Front Rank Figurines, items
SYPC21 Trooper, lance down
SYPC22 Trooper, lance up
SYPC23 Officer with sabre up
SYPC24 Trumpeter
Wire for lances is supplied and you can buy pennons to attach to the lances [EQ53 Lance Tops with pennons (x 4) ]. I've mounted mine on Hinchcliffe Heavy Horse Trotting (H1).

Irregular Miniatures 25mm(~28mm) range. Item -SYWP19 -- Uhlan/Bosniak Lancer Cavalry. The pennon is cast on the lance. Riders are nice but horses are a bit on the small side which is why I put them on Front Rank horses (I used S1/LT2A Walking, head up ).

Some others that I know of, best to look at the relevant websites:

Crusader Miniatures( items:
SYP120 - Bosniak Lancers - Late uniform (3 figs pack)

SYP121 - Bosniak Lancers Command - Late uniform (3 figs pack)

Wargames Foundry ( items:

SYWP37 Frei Korps Von Kleist Uhlans Command (3 figs pack)
SYWP38 Frei Korps Von Kleist Uhlans (3 figs pack)

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  1. I don't know if it's still in business, but Falcon Miniatures in the U.S. (Boston area) and not the UK Falcon has true 25mm Prussian Bosniaks in the tall fur cap (as contrasted with the turban ones) in the same pose as your von Kleist ones. Saddles are attached to the horses and not to the riders like e.g. Minifigs.