Sunday, 26 October 2008

Work in the shipyards ...

Progress to date with the two ships for my little caribbean adventrure(s):
1) After much fiddling, a couple of broken junior hacksaw blades and a variety of 4 letter words the two ships have been converted to waterline models and stuck onto MDF bases.
2) Gun ports tidied up and modelled as open, ready to receive some guns.

I've order some cannon kits for the deck guns and half cannons for the open gun ports. I've got some simple remodelling to do to both ships. One thing I've just got to do is paint over the skull and crossbones on the sails; it looks too piratey.

Ooh aar me harties !


  1. Yes, quite well done indeed. By the way, just how big are these ships?

    -- Jeff

  2. Ships are about 20" long, 6 inches wide and about 15" high to top of masts.

    Having started on them, I have a games - being too large for my small gaming table - a suitably coloured large piece of fabric will go down temporarily on my lounge floor to enable the boats to manouvre.

    -- Allan