Friday, 19 September 2008

Future Plans

Above is one of my recent sample figures, the Irregular Miniatures SYW Uhlan/Bosniak. Rather nice I think (horse is a bit small compared to other manufacturers, if I buy a unit of these they'll probably end up on Front Rank horses).

Recently, I've been mulling over the next set of projects for my 18C armies; below is a list of things currently occupying the old grey matter..


a) paint up two battalions of infantry; one for Wittenberg and one for Monrovia - these will complete my initially planned armies for both sides.
b) complete staff figures for Duchy of Fenwick, Monrovia and Saxe-Jarlsberg.
c) Add the Duchy of Fenwick forces : 2 battalions of infantry, 1 Regiment of cavalry
d) Add the Duchy of Saxe-Jarlsberg forces : 2 battalions of infantry, 1 Regiment of cavalry.
e) Each of the armies of Wittenberg and Monrovia is going to increase in size from 8 to 16 infantry regiments; 5 to 8 cavalry regiments. Plenty of scope for new units and uniforms.

40mm Skirmish

a) Convert/scratchbuild 1 wagon and two carts
b) Increase artillery for each side so they have two guns models each.
c) Complete two companies of militia at 12figs strength
d) Add some cavalry for each side, probably max of 1 squadron (12figs).
e) Add an extra battalion of infantry for each side (long term, as I'll be casting these).

I don't think these will be done in the above order, I'll pick and choose which one I fancy doing as I go along. I'm not even setting myself a time scale either. I'm going to relax and take my time after bashing through all the other units I've painted over the last two years. So plenty to look forward too !


  1. Since Bosniaks and Cossacks would be riding smaller steppe horses, you could just leave the Irregular horse alone.


  2. Hi Allan,

    Well, I'll enjoy watching your new units take form when you paint them.


    Best Regards,


  3. I do like the looks of that lancer . . . it looks like it will be easy to paint too.

    -- Jeff