Saturday, 8 March 2008

Wittenberg - Uniforms Wittenland Army Corp

The uniforms are base on those of the Saxon army at the time of the SYW.

These units will be joining with the Boldovian Army Corp and the Household troops to defend the province of Upper Belgravia against invasion from Monrovia.

I've already completed DR3 and the Wittenland fusiliers. So more to buy and paint as time and budget permits.


  1. I'm curious . . . how do you see the difference between Dragoons and "Heavy Dragoons"?

    -- Jeff

  2. Thinking more of distinction between 'dragoons' and 'cheveaux-leger' (light horse).

    -- Allan

  3. Nice-looking uniforms. I'll look forward to seeing the painted minis someday :-)