Wednesday, 27 February 2008

40mm - Size Matters

? Yes, brown undercoat. I found some old pots of humbrol enamel still good enough to use so waste not want not.

So from left to right (with my appreciation of the figure plus a height measure which is from bottom of boot to the eye):

1) cast Prince August Marching figure, low in detail 'semi-round', doesn't mix in well with the other figs I use, 38mm height from back foot (as he is leaning forward). Cost: ~£1.50 to buy the metal

2) Front Rank (from AWI 40mm range), nice crisp excellent detail - beautiful figs, height 38mm. Cost £2.45.

3) cast Nurnberger Meisterzinn figures (example standard bearer) , low in detail but more than Prince August, 39mm height. Cost: ~£1.50 to buy the metal.

4) Irregular Miniatures '42mm' (example SYW drummer, same size as other figs in the range), good well detailed range, 35/36mm height. Cost £1.25

I haven't got any Sash & Sabre SYW 40mm figs, but based on what I've seen online and from the ECW figs which I have they are a very good well detailed range; height 35mm (measured on my ECW figs). Cost £1.75 (per fig, pack of 20 is £35 from Old Glory UK).

Note: I buy metal in small amounts, hence it is probably more expensive per fig to cast.


  1. Is the Irregular drummer supposed to be a boy? Or is this the typical height of their 42mm figures?

    -- Jeff

  2. Jeff

    the Irregular drummer is the same height as the other figs from the range (I've amended the post to say this)

    -- Allan

  3. hmm, I have not tried the 40mm Prince August range.

    I do find that for the 25mm ones my own casting metal is fine and I get it really really cheap! about $20 Canadian (nearly at par with US$) for a 25 pound bucket, from which I can cast at least 200 minis (probably more but then I would have to waste good casting time to figure that out!)

  4. MurdocK: When you're buying the metal, what do you ask for to get something suitable?

    tidders: The PA figure, is that from their Holger range or from the Karoliner/French/Irish I/K3xx series? I'm just wondering because they say on the site that the Holger ones are flatter..