Saturday, 26 January 2008

Work in Progress

I've got two jobs on the painting table at the moment, both for Wittenberg. A howitzer and an infantry battalion; these are in the final stages so hopefully I'll be able to post a picture of them finished next weekend.

Now then it's the end of the month and time to decide on my figs order for Febraury, bearing in mind I've got a bit of a backlog perhaps I should be sensible and not buy anything (?!). No chance so what to buy ? Maybe some foot staff/civilians ? Hhmm on with the thinking cap ...


  1. I vote for civilians . . . you always make such wonderful dioramas for your photos and some civilians help complete the scene.

    Earlier this week Der Alte Fritz had some pictures of mounted ladies that were rather inspiring.

    Of course more line troops could aid Wittenberg . . . perhaps a Frei Korps unit might wander in.

    I will wait and see.

    -- Jeff

  2. Looking forward for a closer view of this Wittenberger reinforcements!

    Would not you be strictly 'historical uniforms' inclines, I'd suggest: neither male soldiers, nor civilians of any sex, what about 'female' (yes, they DO exist) soldiers, for a change?

  3. Excellent production!

    Keep the troops in training on the move!

    More is better!

    I say get all the troops that you can fit into production then the 'extra' space can be for 1-3 civilians (so that you can work on them while the paint is drying on the "main body").