Saturday, 5 January 2008

Mini-Review of Old Glory Marlburians

For my next Monrovian infantry battalion I decided to use some 25mm scale Old Glory Marlburian figures. I used the Infantry in Tricorn Marching with collarless coat - 10 Figures in a bag (Product ID: MW-02). I used three bags to make up my battalion plus some spare figs left from a bag of Old Glory FIW-06 French Line Command.

The marching figs come in assorted poses (3 variants). Below is one fig, undercoated to show the detail better :
These figs are 25mm, and do not mix well with the larger figs, see comparison with Front Rank fig..

Overall the figs are well sculpted and look reasonable. I have used some Old Glory cavalry for dragoons (Product ID: JBH-10 Fitzjames Horse with Command). The figures are in more 'animated' poses that other manufacturers.
Before buying you can look at the pics on the website, if you click on the pic you can see it larger size, I sometimes print this out and look at it with a magnifying glass. It's difficult to get an idea of the detail and the poses sometimes as the pictures are a bit indistinct.


  1. Thank you, sir. This closer look helps quite a bit. Thank you.

    It would also help me if you could give me a measurement (in mm) from base to top of tricorn. Just post that here.

    -- Jeff

  2. For me I *like* WAS uniforms above the SYW one, and the Old Glory 'Marlburians' look quite good -old-fashioned perhaps, but very pleasant.


  3. Jeff - The height from the bottom of the base to the top of the tricorne is 30mm

    -- Allan

  4. Yes, the OG are true 25mm figures, but then so are Dixons (and their Grand Alliance ones) and the old Foundry range, so it's not too bad. (Unless all the rest of your figures are Front Rank!)

    I've got a number of ones I want painted in coloured coats that I'll be sending to Fernando for painting, but I've got OG ones that have the coat closed so no vest is visible and just a bit of coat lining is turned back that I want to give a try at painting by myself in the ever-present white-grey.

  5. Thanks, Tidders. When I get downstairs, I'll measure my Blood Axe figures (the ones I'm using as substitutes for my Saxe-Bearsteins) to see if the OG figures might fill some holes.

    -- Jeff