Saturday, 12 January 2008

A Band of Brigands ?

Newly arrived some 42mm figs, in parrallel with building up my 28mm armies for larger engagements, I wanted to use 42mm for skirmish (at 1:10 ratio) and possible role play games. So first is a band of brigands, using Irregular Miniatures Marlburian and SYW figs, the officer figure who is the leader has been modified to give him a new head (Sash &Sabre), I'm going to try to give him a pistol as well. They'll be painted in due course. I going to have detached companies of infantry and local militia on raids, infiltrations etc.

I've got a bit of a metal hill building up and I better get the old paint brush going before it turns into a mountain. So some pics of finished items coming soon I hope.


  1. That officer just cries out to have a personality background written for him.

    -- Jeff

  2. If you do decided to pursue roleplay games with your campaign will you post those activities here? What are you considering for rules?

  3. Auston

    skirmish/role play will be posted here, along with any rules info

    -- Allan