Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Wittenberg Cavalry Guidon

All the Wittenberg cavalry regiments carry the same guidon. At the moment each regiment has been a different coat colours so I can easily distinguish between them on the table. I might update the guidons later on.


  1. A very pleasant guidon indeed!

    Origin? Somehow I doubt of the 'historicity' of the female figure, but then...


  2. I like the guidon with the 'Leib' standard on a side and the 'regimental' one on the other(at least that's how I understand your design).

    It's the inly way to have both 'on display' with the unit, thus to 'miss' nothing, while having a single ensign - better fitting with the representational scale.

    Then for me i'd put the 'Leib' side with the staff to the left, since it 'took the righr' and the flag was generally waving *behind* the holder. Then I suppose here the 'Leib' side to be that with a white field, since it was rather common, but....?


  3. The Wittenberg flags and guidons are based on those of the 'Leib' and 'regimental' flags of the Palatinate (downloaded from Warflag).

    -- Allan