Thursday, 20 December 2007

Mapping the Imagi-Realm

I initially started with block map of the countries involved and the position of their capitals, then created a second map which added the provinces with their main towns.

After this I was going to create a detailed map .. well I got lazy. So I decided on a different plan: run a series of scenarios and create the town names etc as I go and draw them onto the map.

So far this has worked and in short bursts of imagination my map is filling out. I'll keep going with the scenarios and fill more in. At the moment the disputed province of Belgravia is the most detailed.

I started on a sheet of A4 paper and I am going to have to increase this to A3 size, copy over what I've got then carry on adding to it.

Hopefully I'll post a well drawn out version of the map when its mature enough.


  1. Hey, it is okay to print "baby pictures" so that you can later see how many changes you've made.

    -- Jeff

  2. One idea, might be to lay out a network of lines (just random scribbles will do) then wherever you have intersections make a 'town', that will later be named etc.

    By doing the lines in blue (river), black (road) and brown (very difficult terrain = ridges etc) you might be able to get inspiration from the intersections.

    Another mapping sampler can be found at Fractal Worldmap Generator