Thursday, 8 November 2007

Wittenberg - Garde Du Corp - Changes

To: Field Marshall, Duke Frederick of Wittenbuffel


I have been considering the status of the Guard du Corp. It is composed of 4 companies of disparate types; it is fine for ceremonial duties but not for the field. After discussions with the commander of the Garde Du Corps I have decided that the following re-organisation should be carried out:

Form two new regiments of horse:
1) Chevalier Garde.
2) Grenadiers zu Pferd.

Extra men will be needed, these can be sourced from the depot company and also by requesting veterans to serve with Guard du Corps from other regiments.

My son and I have done some quick sketches of possible new uniforms for both the regiments

please keep me updated on progress with the re-organisation.

Leopold IV

[image from Junior General paper armies (see previous post)]

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