Saturday, 27 October 2007

New 25mm Irregular Miniatures - Austrians, Prussians

I've sampled some of the new 25mm figs from Irregular Miniatures. From left to right : Austrian Grenadier, Austrian Musketeer, Prussian Jager

rear view of the same

Austrian officers are not yet available. The Austrians will find their way into my armies. I like the Jager and I'll think I'll use them for dismounted dragoons. [the infantry are approx 28mm from boot to eye]

Prussian Cavalry, from left to right: Dragoon, Cavalry Officer

They also do Prussain Cuirassier, Cavalry Bugler, Cavalry Ensign, Hussar, and Bosniak Lancer.

In general the cavalry are on the smaller side - the horses are not a large as other ranges - if you have them all in one unit then I think they look OK.


  1. Jeff

    Thanks for spotting my obvious omission - the Figs are 25mm. I've updated the post to clarify this.

    -- Allan