Saturday, 29 September 2007

Scenery - New Additions

A nice find at a local Toy & Train fair for £5, a bag of farm/zoo accessories, among which were 3 haystacks; 6 plastic deciduous trees and 1 fir tree.

A new river section, pontoon bridge, (scratchbuilt from cardboard, palsticard):

Another new river section - a ford:


  1. I love those trees . . . they are wonderful. However, to my mind two of those "haystacks" are thatched-roof cottages . . . paint a door and some windows (even if they aren't molded on) and you have a farm cottage.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Allan,

    What a find! Those trees look awfully like those Merit trees Charles Grant used all those years ago in The War Game and other books/articles. Your scratch-built scenery is looking good too. The pontons and bridge have me itching to try something similar myself. Good work!

    Enjoy the weekend,


  3. You really have a flair / gift for discovering inexpected but wonderful scenery pieces, and the talent to scratchbuild the rest!

  4. Notes on comments:
    1. Jeff is right those haystacks could make very good little cottages.
    2. Stokes is right they are Merit trees; I was able to confirm this when I bought a box of Merit Alder and 2 boxes of Merit Popler trees at a local model railway exhibition at the weekend.