Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Irregular Miniatures - Prussian Musketeers & Grenadiers

I've just received some new additions for the Wittenberg army, one battalion of musketeers and one of grenadiers from Irregular Miniatures. Below are some piccies of the figure types:

Fusilier Marching(painted); Musketeers Marching, Officer, Standard Bearer, Dummer and NCO:

Grenadier - Marching, Standard Bearer, NCO and Dummer:


  1. How much were they?
    They look just right for a 'fantasy nation'!

  2. Prices of these infantry figs:
    60p each (50p each when you buy a pack of 24 of the same fig)

    The muskets/bayonets are cast quite thin. I usually keep a couple of spare figures just in case of breakages - which is not too onerous at these prices.


  3. These sculpts look a lot better than the Irregular Ancients I purchased about 25 years ago.

    I was so disappointed with them that I sold them (at a loss) to someone else who wanted that army . . . and I haven't looked at Irregular since. But I might have to do so now.

    -- Jeff

  4. The Irregular SYW range is limited at the moment to Prussian Infantry and French. The French range is limited to Musketeer marching, for officers I've used some from the Marlburian range.

    They do plan to add some more to the range (sometime) - Austrians, plus some cavalry and artillery.