Friday, 30 March 2007

Old Web Diary....

Well here I am in blogland, a universe full of its share of parallel 18C sub-universes . For those who want to update their links this blog is at

The old diary is available from here,

I had an unexpected year-end bonus from work, yippee ! So I've been down town today and bought a new digital camera. Now then where is my figure purchase list ...

(post Updated to link in to the old web diary on Google Drive  - AJT 18/Jun/2016)


  1. Greetings!

    I should like very much to attach a link to your 18th Century blog page to either the Murdock's Marauders or The Duchy of Mieczyslaw sites.

    Would that be alright with you if I did?

  2. As a friend of the Kingdom of Wittenberg, the Principality of Saxe-Bearstein hopes that you are aware of the recent army mobilization of the Duchy of Mieczyslaw.

    A report of this mobilization -- whose purpose is unknown -- can be found here:

    Now hopefully the Duchy has no plans to do harm to either of our countries; and perhaps its intentions may be directed at Monrovia or Stagonia . . . but can we be sure?

    We of Saxe-Bearstein suggest that you look to the current state of your armed forces and judge for yourself if they are in a proper state of readiness.

    As always, we of Saxe-Bearstein wish nothing but the best for the Kingdom of Wittenberg.

    -- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein